2024’s Most Eminent Leaders in Real Estate

Tyler Dupuis: Turning Vermont Dreams into Reality with Passion and Expertise

2024's Most Eminent Leaders in Real Estate

With six years of experience under his belt at Century 21 Farm & Forest, Tyler Dupuis has established himself as a thriving broker, specializing in marketing the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. For Tyler, the allure of the real estate business lies in its ever-changing nature. “What I love about this business is that every day is different, and every deal is different,” he shares. “Every client and customer I meet is unique, and every property is different. Some days I’m in the office all day, other days I’m on the road traveling the state showing properties.” 

Tyler’s journey in real estate began at a remarkably young age. He obtained his real estate license at just 19 years old and swiftly rose through the ranks to become a broker by the age of 21. His track record of sales achievements speaks volumes about his dedication and talent. Starting with $2 million in sales during his inaugural year, he quickly escalated to $4 million in the second year, followed by an impressive $7 million in the third year. By the age of 24, Tyler had already achieved a remarkable milestone, closing deals worth $9 million in the year 2022. Even in 2023, he maintained his momentum, selling $8 million worth of properties. 

Reflecting on his journey, Tyler attributes his success to sheer hard work and determination. “I started at the bottom and just kept working and working, and slowly I worked my way up,” he reflects. “I hate to lose, but I love to win, and that’s what keeps me going. That’s what keeps me getting up every single day.” 

In a bid to expand his client reach, Tyler obtained his Florida Real Estate license in 2023, demonstrating his commitment to continuous growth and excellence in his field.  

For Tyler, it’s not just about buying or selling properties; it’s about helping clients embark on a journey to turn their real estate dreams into reality. His approach is rooted in high-touch, client-centric service, where exceeding expectations is the norm, and optimal results are the standard. The proof of his exceptional work lies in the numerous positive referrals and repeat business he consistently receives. 

Expect a partnership built on trust and a commitment to your utmost satisfaction when working with Tyler. “Whether you’re looking to find your dream home or ready to sell a property, Tyler’s core philosophy is clear: he’s in the business of turning your real estate dreams into reality. Welcome to an experience where your success is the ultimate goal.” 

Client-Centric Excellence to Achieve Success  

Tyler places a strong emphasis on the significance of providing personalized and client-centric services at Century 21 Farm & Forest. He recognizes that each client has unique business goals, challenges, and motivations. Tyler underscores that there is no universal solution when it comes to client service; instead, it involves customizing solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client and their organization. 

Customizing client services, as Tyler explains, doesn’t always require creating entirely new solutions from scratch. It often involves combining existing elements. In the business context, having a diverse team with varied experiences, service styles, and personalities, along with flexibility in data management and technology, fosters greater adaptability in addressing client needs and desires. 

Tyler’s firsthand experience with one-size-fits-all solutions has informed his approach to training his team. They not only focus on understanding the basic requirements of clients but also the underlying reasons behind their transactions. This comprehensive understanding leads to improved communication, the establishment of trust with clients, and ultimately more successful transactions. 

Fostering Strong Client Relationships 

Tyler highlights the fundamental role of trust, predictability, integrity, and transparency in cultivating and nurturing robust client relationships, emphasizing that these qualities are woven into the very fabric of the organization’s culture, becoming an essential component of its client service. 

  • Trust: Trust stands as the cornerstone of any thriving client relationship. Clients must have faith that their agents are experts in their domain, devoted to fulfilling their commitments, and genuinely prioritizing the client’s best interests. 
  • Predictability: Clients should have the assurance that their agents will consistently deliver a high standard of service on every occasion. Predictability ensures that clients can expect the same level of quality and service consistently. 
  • Integrity: Integrity entails being honest and adhering to strong moral principles. Individuals with integrity act ethically and consistently do what is right, even when no one is watching. 
  • Transparency: Open and transparent communication is of paramount importance. Clients should not be left with vague or arbitrary explanations. Instead, agents should be ready to elucidate the reasoning behind their recommendations and supply clients with sufficient information to validate those recommendations. Transparency fosters understanding and trust. 

Tyler firmly believes that these qualities should be deeply ingrained in the organization’s culture, extending beyond surface-level attributes. When every agent comprehends the significance of these qualities and incorporates them into their daily interactions, it forms a robust foundation for enduring client relationships founded on trust, integrity, predictability, and transparency. 

Customizing Client Services 

Tyler’s approach to tailoring client services within the Real Estate business underscores the significance of comprehending the distinct needs and attributes of different client types. It involves dedicating time and effort to acquire and disseminate knowledge about the specific needs and distinctions among various client categories, spanning investors, first-time buyers, equestrian properties, commercial, residential, industrial, mixed-use, new development, and more. 

Key components of this approach encompass: 

  • Client-Centric Approach: Rather than attempting to shoehorn diverse client types into a uniform service model, the emphasis is placed on harnessing available information about each client and their particular business requirements. 
  • Continuous Training: Teams are equipped to handle diverse client types through a combination of in-house experts. 
  • Stay Informed: Remaining updated on clients is paramount. This involves tracking clients on various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Inside Real Estate, Twitter, and other technology platforms to monitor news related to them, subscribing to industry news sources, and participating in dialogues with peers in the industry. It also includes keeping clients informed throughout the entire process, from inception to completion. 
  • Client Relationship Management: Allocating time at the onset of each client relationship to engage in comprehensive discussions and establish clear outlines of their requirements and expectations. 

By embracing these methodologies, Century 21 Farm & Forest ensures that its services are precisely tailored to fulfill the unique demands of every client category, cultivating more robust, long-lasting client relationships grounded in a profound understanding of their distinct prerequisites. 

Building Lasting Relationships 

Tyler’s success in real estate is fueled by his dedication to building lasting relationships with clients. With nearly 80 percent of his business coming from repeat clients and referrals, Tyler’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. He actively pursues new business opportunities to fuel growth and expand his network, recognizing the importance of meeting new people in driving success for both himself and his company. 

In marketing his listings, Tyler adopts a modern approach, leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to ensure broad exposure for his clients’ properties across multiple counties.Tyler’s enthusiasm for his profession is palpable, embodying the adage that when you love what you do, it never feels like work. 

Tyler embraces the unknown with excitement, confident that his hard work and dedication will continue to pave the way for success. He believes that there are no shortcuts to success, emphasizing the importance of putting in the effort that others may not be willing to invest. Tyler’s passion, work ethic, and commitment to excellence serve as the driving forces behind his thriving real estate career, and he eagerly anticipates what the future holds for himself and those around him. 

Pioneering the Future of Real Estate with Innovation and Resilience 

According to Tyler, the future of the real estate industry involves a fusion of technology, commerce, media, and customer/client interaction with new approaches. Not every endeavor will be a success, but embracing change and being unafraid of failure is key. There’s no secret to success; it’s about dedicating yourself every day, being well-prepared, and doing the work that others may not be willing to do. Not every deal or listing presentation will yield the desired outcome, but that’s part of life’s journey. The future is promising. As he looks ahead to the years to come, he believes that this is just the beginning of something special, and he’s excited for what 2024 will bring. 

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