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Nasreen Alissa: Breaking Boundaries with Tech and Law Fusion

The 10 Most Disruptive Women Leaders to Watch in 2023

Meet Nasreen Alissa who stands as a pioneer in the field of legal innovation and societal progress in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her unwavering commitment to supporting women empowerment has made a difference to many Saudi women. She is the visionary founder behind KnowYourRights, a groundbreaking mobile application that is both unique and leading in KSA. This app is a vital tool aimed at equipping Saudi women with the knowledge of their rights, enabling them to protect themselves against potential legal issues arising from a lack of awareness. Nasreen is the first Saudi female lawyer to be featured on Forbes Middle East. What sets this application apart is that it’s the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and, indeed, globally. 

Before embarking on her journey as an entrepreneur, Nasreen honed her legal expertise from working at a number of international law firms. Her experience spans corporate and commercial law, intellectual property, and information technology. She offers invaluable guidance to tech businesses and startups, showcasing her versatility and profound knowledge in the legal field. 

Nasreen Alissa’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized for her outstanding achievements, earning the prestigious title of the best female lawyer of the year in 2022 by the Arabian Business KSA Women Excellence award (woman of the year). This accolade is a testament to her dedication and impact in the legal sphere. 

Nasreen Alissa’s work embodies innovation, empowerment, and progress, leaving an indelible mark on the legal landscape and women empowerment in Saudi Arabia. 

The Firm  

The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa, founded in 2018, stands as a remarkable presence in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. What sets this law firm apart is that it is led by Nasreen Alissa, a prominent Saudi female lawyer, making it a pioneering entity in the region. The firm operates as a full-service legal provider, offering cutting-edge solutions to a diverse clientele that includes both local and international clients. 

The spectrum of legal services offered by The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa is extensive, catering to a wide array of needs. These services are not only tailored for enterprises, including medium and small companies, but also extend to individuals and startup businesses. The firm prides itself on its ability to address the specific legal requirements of both corporate and individual clients. Their commitment is unwavering, and they work tirelessly to provide the best legal solutions to their clients. 

What truly sets this law firm apart is the fusion of legal expertise with the best management practices. This unique blend ensures that working with The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa is not just a legal service but a comprehensive and exceptional experience. They are dedicated to making the legal process smooth, efficient, and effective for their clients, ensuring that they receive the top-tier service they deserve. 

‘Know Your Rights’  

Nasreen has harnessed the power of technology to empower women in the country by providing them with a better understanding of their legal rights. Her groundbreaking app, 

‘Know your rights,’ serves as a valuable resource, explaining the intricacies of laws surrounding crucial topics like marriage, divorce, custody, and women’s issues. 

Nasreen’s journey into creating this app began when she moved to Saudi Arabia in 2010 and recognized a pervasive lack of awareness among women regarding their legal rights. It became clear to her that there was an urgent need for change in this regard. Initially, she contemplated publishing a book to address this knowledge gap, but she soon realized that, in today’s technologically advanced era, an app would be a more fitting and far-reaching solution. Her vision came to life in the form of the ‘Know your rights’ app, which has been instrumental in helping Saudi women gain legal knowledge and empower them. The app is also designed and structured to teach women how to handle legal matters independently, “Be Your Own Lawyer 

Nasreen’s commitment to women empowerment extends beyond the app. She continues to be actively involved in various charities in Saudi Arabia. Her dedication to this cause has gained local and international recognition, with Google flying a team to Saudi Arabia to create a documentary about her remarkable journey and the impactful application she has developed. 

Empowering Women 

Nasreen embarked on her mission to empower women by launching the “Know Your Rights” app in July2016. Her motivation came from a stark realization that many women, even those with education, were not aware of their fundamental rights. Her observations during gatherings and interactions underscored this critical knowledge gap. 

Nasreen recognized the prevalent use of smartphones and the shift to the digital age, noticing that most people are on their phones, she harnessed the power of the app era to provide accessible information to women. 

The app serves a vital role in equipping Saudi women with essential knowledge. It informs them about their rights, fosters their independence, and teaches them how to file lawsuits on their own without the need for costly legal representation. This approach enables women to seek legal recourse without the financial burden associated with hiring a lawyer. 

The app caters to women facing a variety of legal challenges, from divorce proceedings to issues related to child custody and even incidents like theft or accidents. Nasreen designed the app to be an invaluable resource, ensuring that women can confidently navigate these situations and assert their rights. 

Notably, prior to the app’s launch, Nasreen used to work on women’s issues through pro bono cases. The app, with its wide-reaching impact, has allowed her to provide consultation and support exclusively through this digital platform, making her expertise and guidance accessible to a broader audience. 

Nasreen’s dedication to helping women understand and exercise their rights is evident in her commitment to this project. While she did not disclose the exact amount spent from her own pocket on the endeavor, her investment in this cause has made a substantial difference in the lives of countless women, offering them the tools they need to assert their rights and gain independence. 

Rising Above Gender Disparity 

Nasreen’s path in the field of law was marked by a series of challenges, beginning right from her time in law school. One of the most significant hurdles she faced was the need to confront and defy societal perceptions and attitudes regarding her decision to pursue a legal education. She encountered stereotypes and biases that questioned her choice, but Nasreen’s unwavering resilience and determination enabled her to push past these obstacles. 

In addition to the biases she encountered in the academic sphere, Nasreen had to navigate the challenging landscape of a legal industry that is mainly dominated by men, One vivid memory stands out, where she found herself as the sole female presence in a law firm for many years. This experience served as a poignant reminder of the existing gender disparity within the legal field. 

However, Nasreen’s sheer perseverance and unwavering dedication were instrumental in her ability to surmount these challenges. She remained steadfastly focused on her goals, resolute in her determination to prove herself as a competent and capable legal professional. Regardless of the societal expectations or the gender imbalance she encountered, Nasreen’s resilience allowed her to rise above these obstacles and make her mark in the legal world. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all those who face adversity in pursuing their chosen paths. 

Recommendations on Establishing A Strong Foundation For Young Lawyers 

Drawing on her extensive experience, Nasreen offers valuable advice for young lawyers and law students based on her work with over 100 students and junior lawyers. She emphasizes the importance of staying informed by reading extensively on all aspects of the law, keeping track of changes in legislation and regulations. 

Nasreen also stresses the significance of embracing criticism and humility for personal and professional growth, highlighting the value of being open to feedback. Additionally, she encourages cultivating tenacity and resilience, emphasizing the need for a steadfast mindset in the demanding legal profession. Nasreen recommends adopting a growth mindset, focusing on continuous learning, and identifying and leveraging one’s unique strengths for success in the legal career. She also underscores the importance of prioritizing quality and adopting a client-centered approach, understanding clients’ needs, goals, and concerns to provide effective legal solutions. Nasreen concludes that by following these suggestions, young lawyers and law students can establish a strong foundation for their legal careers, promoting both professional growth and ongoing success in the field.