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Katrina DiBiase: Guiding Clients Through The Home Buying Process

The 10 Most Empowering Women in Mortgage Industry, 2024

Katrina DiBiase, a Senior Loan Officer at Northstar Mortgage Group, brings a wealth of experience from the real estate industry. With a demonstrated history of success, she is skilled in sales, team building, management, leadership, and client relations. A finance professional with a degree from Husson University, Katrina is dedicated to helping more individuals turn their dream of homeownership into a reality. 

Katrina’s journey began in the weight loss industry, where she worked alongside her best friend of over 20 years, Leigh Gagnon, at Jenny Craig during their 20s. While Leigh ventured into forming a mortgage company, Katrina remained at Jenny Craig for a few more years, assisting clients in achieving their health goals. Years later, reconnecting with Leigh over Facebook and sharing lunch led to a pivotal moment. Learning about Leigh’s venture into mortgages, Katrina expressed her interest in transitioning from the weight loss industry to real estate. Encouraged by Leigh, she decided to pursue mortgages, a decision she considers the best she ever made. 

Driven by a burning desire to help others, Katrina takes pride in her clients and finds joy in guiding them through the entire home buying process. Moreover, she cherishes the opportunity to work alongside her best friend every day, recognizing the invaluable bond they share. For Katrina, the fulfillment of assisting clients and the camaraderie with her friend make every day at work priceless. 

Going Above and Beyond for Client Satisfaction 

Katrina values her clients as if they were her own friends and family; they are more than just transactions or numbers to her. She goes above and beyond to establish genuine connections and provide personalized service. In fact, Katrina’s dedication to her clients extends beyond the office – she even attends spin class regularly with one of them. 

From the outset of her career in the mortgage industry, Katrina made a conscious decision to differentiate herself by offering unique experiences and personalized attention that many other loan officers might not provide. Her commitment to exceptional service has earned her a reputation that primarily spreads through word of mouth. This organic growth reflects the trust and satisfaction her clients have in her, further emphasizing the importance she places on fostering meaningful relationships rather than simply completing transactions. 

Compliance Briefings 

At Northstar Mortgage, regular team meetings, training sessions, and compliance briefings keep Katrina and her colleagues informed and up-to-date with the latest developments and regulations in the field. These internal updates ensure that the team remains well-equipped to serve their clients effectively and uphold high standards of professionalism and compliance. 

Problem-Solving Skills 

Katrina encountered a challenging situation when a client’s appraisal returned with repairs needed urgently to meet the closing deadline. In a remarkable display of dedication, Katrina and her boyfriend drove out in the middle of the night to patch up a hole in the wall in a town over an hour away. Their swift action ensured the closing proceeded on schedule, achieving a successful outcome for the client. 

When faced with challenging scenarios, Katrina employs a collaborative approach, working closely with underwriters and borrowers to find quick solutions. By thoroughly underwriting every new loan application upfront and carefully reviewing documentation, Katrina mitigates potential issues and remains well-prepared to navigate each borrower’s unique circumstances throughout the process. This proactive approach minimizes surprises and enhances the overall efficiency and success of the lending process. 

Building a Robust Support System 

Managing her workload as a Senior Loan Officer, particularly during busy periods, Katrina has optimized her efficiency, with an average clear-to-close turn time of just 9 days. Starting out solo, she has gradually built a robust team that has evolved alongside her, enabling her to prioritize client and business relationships. Her team structure includes an approval specialist who conducts in-house pre-underwriting on all loans, an assistant who assists in completing applications and setting up loans once under contract, and several processors responsible for collecting necessary documentation and ensuring swift and efficient processing of loans. Additionally, a dedicated closer collaborates with the title company to finalize numbers and sends out closing gifts to clients and thank-you cards to realtor partners. 

Client Trust and Confidence 

Katrina highlights the significance of Northstar Mortgage’s platinum pre-approval process, which sets them apart in the industry. Every loan undergoes full underwriting within 24 hours of application, ensuring thorough verification of the borrower’s income, assets, and loan application before issuing pre-approval letters. These letters are distinguished with a platinum approval emblem, signifying the rigorous verification process. Katrina believes that this practice enhances the competitiveness of borrowers’ offers in the market. 

Katrina emphasizes Northstar Mortgage’s commitment to maintaining pristine records and adhering to industry compliance standards. This support ensures that the team remains compliant and operates with integrity, further enhancing the trust and confidence of clients and partners. 

Longevity in the Industry 

Katrina finds immense joy in assisting first-time homebuyers, as their journey towards homeownership is particularly rewarding. Witnessing the realization of their dreams and the excitement they exude upon receiving the keys brings her unparalleled satisfaction. For Katrina, these moments are truly life-changing, reinforcing the significance of her role in making homeownership a reality for her clients. 

Offering advice to those considering a career in mortgage lending or real estate, Katrina emphasizes the importance of genuine passion for helping people and a love for the home-buying process. Instead of focusing solely on financial gain, she encourages individuals to pursue this career path for the right reasons. Those motivated by the desire to assist others and derive fulfillment from guiding clients through the home-buying journey are more likely to find success and longevity in the industry. According to Katrina, genuine passion and dedication to serving clients are key factors in achieving success in mortgage lending or real estate. 

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