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Alice Veglio: A New Role Model for Fitness Innovation and Women Empowerment

The 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders to Follow in 2022

Bright & Fit Fitness Program has its roots in the history and life experience of its creator and founder, Alice Veglio. Born on July 6th, 1995 in Italy, Alice Veglio has had to overcome a serious health disease since the age of 13: the diagnosis of a dangerous vertebral rotation that would have forced her to give up physical activity for the rest of her life. Alice has been a ballet dancer since she was three years old, and this diagnosis has stripped her of any security and hope for a free and joyful future. Alice found herself paralyzed with a cast on her back, unable to even tie her shoes, and she was able to escape a dangerous procedure owing to the assistance of qualified doctors. After the plaster was removed from her back, Alice’s life objective became to study at the top institutions and finds a valid means to reclaim her freedom, be able to move, and permanently banish the dread of immobility from her life.

As a result, in addition to an Economics and Marketing University degree, Alice has numerous certifications in the field of wellness and health, including a diploma in holistic sciences for health, a specialization in nutrition sciences at Stanford University, a personal trainer diploma, a yoga teacher diploma, and a specialization in bioenergetics manual techniques.

Alice was able to get the information she needed at the end of her studies to see her body healthy, changed, and finally able to move without risking her spine. This extraordinary accomplishment motivated Alice to want to share the strategy that helped her to get back in great form, regain confidence and self-esteem, and push beyond the boundaries she believed she had.

Strive to Bring Change

Alice’s dual degree in two important fields (economics and health) piqued the interest of numerous government offices, including Dubai Carbon, a Dubai government office dedicated to the green economy, where she first worked as a project assistant and then as a sustainability journalist, and the United Nations’ WGEO office. Alice began working as a junior project manager at the United Nations WGEO Dubai office at the age of 23.

Despite the many compliments she received from these big organizations, Alice felt a growing urge to be able to make her own contribution to the world while not abandoning the way that had improved her health and physique in the previous years.

As a result, Alice formally launched Bright & Fit, her first start-up dedicated to holistic fitness and female empowerment, in January 2019 in the United Arab Emirates, with over 35,000 women enrolled and revenue of over $1 million dollars in its first two years.

Bright & Fit

Bright & Fit is Italy’s first medically certified online holistic fitness program. Bright & Healthy now has a contemporary and sophisticated native app available in the Apple and Google stores, allowing women all over the world to have everything they need to keep fit and happy with just one click. Bright & Fit is more than simply a fitness program; it is a personal transformation tool that attempts to help women rebuild their perspective of their boundaries and helps them restore self-esteem and a better quality of life via home training, thinking exercises, and dietary counseling.

Bright & Fit is a company founded by a woman for women with the deep desire to enable even those with limited time, who cannot train in a gym, and who do not have fitness equipment, to train with the best results in 15–30 minutes per day without the need for equipment and simply by using their smartphone.

Today, Bright & Fit has more than 15 people on its team who are completely dedicated to the project, and the incredible results achieved by the program’s users have prompted numerous magazines and television channels to cover Alice, including Forbes Italia, Forbes India, RAI 3, La print, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, California Herald, and London Daily Post.

Alice was also invited to speak on the platform of WomenXImpact, one of the major events of entrepreneurship and female empowerment on a global scale, in November 2021, as a successful case study for the world of female empowerment.

Breaking the Barriers

According to Alice, her greatest ambition in everyday life is to be able to make a concrete difference and make an effective contribution to the lives of women regardless of their physical, geographical, and social conditions. She asserts, “My main goal is to allow people to live better, reconsider their potential, and become aware that anything is possible in life. This vision characterizes every innovation and initiative in the company. As a result, in June 2021, the Bright & Fit team launched an important charity project named “Bright & Fit Cares,” which provides actual assistance to women experiencing physical or social challenges. The initial project was to help ANDOS, one of Italy’s most significant breast cancer prevention and treatment groups.

Combining Innovation with Traditional Fitness Methods

Alice has always been motivated to achieve better and innovate in the traditional fitness field by two key factors: her narrative and feedback from the initial consumers. Alice’s predestined fate of immobility, combined with her capacity to become an entrepreneur and an Ironman 70.3 athlete, allows her to illustrate every day that any constraint can be overcome. She says, “My transformation gives me the strength and the desire to share all this with others and allow as many women as possible to transform into the best version of themselves.”

Transforming Lives

Alice’s students’ remarkable outcomes from the start are the highest type of appreciation she could hope for. Seeing transformed women and families is priceless, and it reminds Alice every day of the importance of her contribution to the fitness and health world.

Alice defines success as the ability to make a difference in the world, to leave a modest contribution to improving people’s quality of life. She says, “Success in my specific case is to fight every day to show, even though my life story and experience, that there are no limits and that every woman has an infinite potential to be everything in life.” She also adds, “Success for me is to help as many women as possible believe in themselves and acquire the tools to live life fully and with satisfaction.”

Alice fights for female empowerment. She fights to implement the traditional fitness sector with the best technologies and tools and uses them to help women around the world become the best versions of themselves.

More Inputs for Better Customer Engagement

Excellent customer service, according to Alice, is timely, knowledgeable, and always available to help clients. Alice and her colleagues work hard every day to ensure that they have a staff of professional trainers and technicians on hand to react to any requests and queries that come in 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, customer care is not limited to technical concerns; Bright & Fit’s customer service is trained to emotionally accompany women at all stages of their transformation journey, and is ready to inspire them and never leave them feeling alone. She says, “We use a WhatsApp number and a telephone channel to be able to speak at any time with a trained operator, interactive Zoom calls to guide users within the program, support via email, a live chat both within the app and on the site, and we respond to messages on each of our social channels.” In the Facebook community, we also organize live Q&A sessions.

Future Vision

Bright & Fit is participating in new and exciting initiatives in the New Year, including the release of the first movie/documentary about Alice’s life and the first live event with thousands of women from all over Italy and the rest of the globe. She explains that the team works hard every day to ensure that Bright & Fit grows into a brand capable of reflecting innovation and quality, as well as making a difference in the world of online exercise.

Alice feels that the only limitations on a woman as a leader are those imposed by her surroundings. Alice says, “Since we were children, we have been asked what we want to do when we grow up, thus suggesting that we can only be one thing (just a wife or just an entrepreneur or just an athlete). However, what many do not consider is that we can be everything! A woman can be a caring mother, a loving wife, a successful entrepreneur, and a performing athlete all at the same time! Stereotypes are the real obstacles to the success of many women. It is for this reason that my company and my daily mission is to demonstrate that we must not give up on our dreams and that every woman can be anything she wants to be in this life.