Top 10 Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs of 2022

Dr. Shellie Hipsky: Aligning Media and Education for Diversity and Inclusion of All Women

Top 10 Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs of 2022

A rising amount of research supports the inclusion of more women at decision making tables. Given the number of women graduating from college and joining the industry, you’d think that many of them would advance to top positions in businesses. There is an imbalance between the number of women who begin their professional careers and those who advance to positions of leadership.

It is true that most professions are dominated by men. This demographic has mostly emphasized the attributes of leadership abilities and network building. The good news is that everyone is finally recognizing the value of diversity and the necessity to repair this broken line.

Men, on the other hand, have an easier time finding advocates in the workplace. This might be due to the fact that there are more males in the C-suite, and it is human nature to gravitate toward individuals that are similar to us.

Women should explore mentorship in order to boost their confidence, objectively assess their jobs and personal self, and then create effective professional routes. According to research, mentorship is critical in assisting women to win promotions, create contacts, build social capital, and grow professionally.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky is on a mission to assist females in realizing their greatest goals. She feels she was here on this earth to teach. Shellie’s purpose has always been to elevate other amazing and motivating women so they may make their biggest ambitions a reality and affect people all over the world with their experience and expertise.

Dr. Hipsky is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International and the founder of the Global Sisterhood non-profit. Inspiring Lives International is a motivational media firm that empowers and encourages women all over the world via positive coaching, courses, and media platforms.

Beginning of an Inspiring Journey

Dr. Hipsky began her career as a tenured university professor teaching undergraduate and Ph.D. students in education and leadership. While teaching her PhD course on the Global Perspective, she used social media to link some of the world’s most extraordinary leaders with her students. While teaching, she was also the host of the television show Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie, a worldwide bestselling book, a keynote speaker, and the host of Empowering Women Radio. Through these platforms, her media reach began to spread beyond the four walls of her university classroom. Through this book, Dr. Hipsky was able to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary people and tell their stories of triumph over life’s obstacles and the charities that they supported based on their own journeys. She recalls, “During my university sabbatical in Pariswhile writing the Common Threads best-selling trilogy based on the 100 top interviews from my radio show—I began to clearly see that I needed to support diverse women in their quest to find inspiration, empowerment, balance, and abundance.”  

Living to Inspire

Dr. Hipsky is a creative and kind individual who has committed her life to meeting the needs of people both inside and outside of her CEO role. Her work as the Executive Director of the non-profit Global Sisterhood exemplifies how Dr. Hipsky has used her network to assist women in need. She led the Executive Board of Directors in the company’s initiatives to support women in need throughout the #PopUpGiving program wherein women and organizations come to the Global Sisterhood for help. She shares, “Through our charity partnerships, we have been able to support a wide variety of important nonprofits with missions that help women in the areas of domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, single mothers, disabilities such as autism, illiteracy, and much more.” A few of the vital initiatives that she has guided and helped garner funds for are all led by women leaders who received international scholarships for her EmpowerU Master Class, where they learned the steps towards success.

Dr. Hipsky claims that she can frequently be spotted at the theater because her mother was a fantastic director and actor when she was growing up. She now frequently takes the stage to raise donations for worthy organizations, or she volunteers backstage while her daughter performs. Currently, Dr. Hipsky’s tune “And All That Jazz” from the blockbuster Broadway show Chicago is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Dr. Hipsky always keeps a family first mindset because she believes her children and parents deserve to have her in their corner. She says, “It can be tricky to juggle it all as a single working mother running a company and a non-profit, but it’s so worth it to pay it forward to the people I love.”

As the CEO

As the founder and CEO of Inspiring Lives International, Dr. Hipsky creates, develops, and leads a wide range of initiatives, from the television show Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie to courses based on her patented Differentiated Design technique of teaching adult learners. She created the curriculum for her distinctive online EmpowerU Master Class, which has changed the lives of numerous cohorts of women all over the world. Dr. Hipsky works with her groups of powerful women mastermind-style on a weekly basis at the EmpowerU sessions to help them develop into their best selves. She also coaches and mentors women entrepreneurs through her World Class VIP 1:1 experiences (often in a beautiful resort setting) to help them find life balance while brainstorming out their next level moves for their careers. She shares, “I keynote regularly on stages ranging from the University of Oxford in England to Passions to Profits in Hollywood.”

Dr. Hipsky also led her team in the development of other products and services that Inspiring Lives International provides to Inspiring Lives International’s valued clients.

At work, Dr. Hipsky motivates her team and others through respect and understanding of where they are at in their lives, what their mindset blocks are, and what success they are capable of achieving in their lifetimes. She says, “I have always been motivated by watching my students soar towards their goals. Many of the women I have led and mentored over the years have become “like family” to me because I genuinely care about their lives and businesses. I am motivated by their joy when they achieve their dreams.

Know your worth

Dr. Hipsky overcomes challenges in her professional and personal life by finding the necessary tools and making deliberate and constructive steps toward something greater than failure. She feels that women’s leadership in the workplace has to become more widespread, and that equal pay should have been a given years ago. She believes that organizations must continue to educate employees about bias and those companies must create flexible work environments, such as remote settings. She goes on to say that mentorship and role modeling by strong, empowered women in the workplace may contribute to good progress in terms of gender issues.

According to Dr. Hipsky, she has seen first-hand the beauty of families and communities growing by simply pouring into one woman with knowledge, support, connections, and resources. She loves to see women living their dream lives, and she is passionate about providing products and services to help them make their goals a reality. Her advice for women dreamers is to “Know your worth.” Monetize your purpose and passion for a sustainable career that they will love. Never be afraid to reinvent yourself. Dream big and go for it!

Building a Motivational Media Company

In the future, Dr. Hipsky’s vision is to establish Inspiring Lives International as the go-to motivational media company for women to get to the next level in their lives and careers. She sees more big international stages, a growing educational platform, thousands of EmpowerU alumni, and dreams being fully realized by women entrepreneurs on a mission internationally.